Mary Kaye and I are excited to announce that we’re running for Governor of the greatest state in America. While we’ve served in this post before, we can’t think of anything else we’d rather do. And we hope you’ll join us on the campaign trail.

A lot of people are asking why we would want to do this again. The answer is simple: We’re not done and the state of Utah is just getting started. With the vision we set forth to accomplish in 2004, we were able to achieve incredible – even historic – things like tax reform, economic development, and rebranding the state, just to name a few. That vision has truly brought us where we are today. But now it’s time for Utahns to set our eyes on even greater successes for our economy, our farmers, our students and our families.

We’ve served our country in the top two diplomatic posts in the world. Now we feel it is time to serve our home state again. As a nation, we are facing uncertain times. Utah must stay ahead of the curve, ahead of the dysfunction in Washington to protect our state’s rights and our way of life. And we must lead.

In order to lead, I believe that the most important thing we can do is to secure the future and secure opportunities for the next generation of Utahns. I do believe the most pressing issue today as it will be tomorrow has to do with growth. We are a competitive state and people want to be here. That’s the challenge before us: whether it’s economy, education, transportation, air quality, or many other pressing issues, overall growth is the big picture. 

And just like in 2004, we need the ability to see around the bend and the foresight to create the best policies for tomorrow. And we’re not just competing against Nevada and Arizona and Idaho and Colorado, we’re competing against nation states. It’s a global marketplace. It’s going to require the kind of vision that got us here in the first place. The kind of vision I’m prepared to offer. 

And I invite you to join me. Watch this video, and together let’s create a vision for our great state.


Jon & Mary Kaye Huntsman

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