Dear Fellow Utahn,

There are a number of critical issues in front of us as Utah prepares to elect its next governor, and there’s no question that keeping taxes low for all Utahns is going to be a top priority. I was proud to stand with the people and sign the tax referendum that successfully blocked the sales tax increase on food.

A sales tax on food is the most regressive tax we have because the higher-income households spend a smaller portion of their income on food than lower-income households do. Everyone has to buy food regardless of their income. While serving as governor in 2007, we accomplished historic tax reform that cut the food tax to 1.75%. My only regret is that we didn’t eliminate it completely. There are better ways to ensure sufficient revenue for state expenditures than to levy a tax on food.

I greatly appreciate all of the hard work of the incredible people involved with the tax referendum effort and I want you to know that I heard your voices. When I’m elected to serve our great state again, I look forward to having you at the table to approach future tax reform in a way that is fair and keeps taxes low.

We hope to earn your support and your vote. Please contact us at or (801) 688-2020 with any questions or concerns you may have.

God Bless the great state of Utah,