We Will Come Back

Our lives have been upended. We have never seen anything like this before.

Like many of you, I have been anxiously watching the rollout of the federal and state relief programs that have been implemented to help businesses suffering from the current economic downturn. 

Millions of businesses have applied for loans and grants. Some have received them. Many haven’t. Many more won’t.

I’ve spoken to many of the loan officers and banking executives in Utah, and I know they worked around the clock to process applications for these loans. Even though the process has been frustrating for many, their efforts were nothing short of heroic.

If you are a business owner who has applied for one of these programs, but you have been unsuccessful in securing funding, I need to hear from you. For many businesses, this economic downturn presents challenges that could cause many businesses that were thriving just a few short weeks ago to go under. 

On a separate front, there are many Americans who are learning for the first time how to apply for unemployment. Some are receiving the promised benefits. Others are still waiting in line.

Many taxpayers received direct payments from the U.S. Treasury.  Others are still waiting for a check.

During the initial phases of this economic collapse I shared my thoughts on immediate steps we could take to limit the damage. Most of these suggestions were ignored.

If businesses fail and employees lose their jobs because of poorly designed federal relief programs and lack of leadership in our state, this will be an unacceptable catastrophe. We must do everything we can to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind.

While no one is going to avoid being impacted by the response to COVID-19, there is an alarming lack of attention being paid to the following areas of concern:

  • Our collapsing food supply chains
  • Our healthcare workers – both those on the front lines and those being left behind
  • The coming storm for state and local government budgets and workforces
  • Our collapsing manufacturing supply chains
  • Our collapsing hospitality, travel and tourism industries
  • The coming upheavals in our financial markets
  • The successful geopolitical attack on our energy sector
  • The coming mental health pandemic

Addressing any one of these problems would be a career-defining challenge for a leader. To address all of them at once will require a level of leadership and experience that is both broad and deep – that is both global and local.

I invite you to share the challenges you are facing. We are in this together, and I believe we will get back in the game, back on our feet, and we’re going to fight for something better. We will come back stronger, and we will build something better than what we’ve lost.

It is my pledge to you that we will work together to build an unprecedented comeback.



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