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Why did he leave Utah?
I ran for a second term in 2008 with every intention of building on our remarkable success in the first term. Shortly after being re-elected, the President of the United States asked me to serve my country by taking one of our most critical diplomatic posts. It was difficult to leave the state and job I loved but I’ve always felt that when asked to serve, particularly by the Commander in Chief, I should respond to that call. Our relationship with China is critical, as is our relationship with Russia and it was an honor to serve. Both were remarkable opportunities that have helped me grow as a leader. I am eager to serve our state again.

Will he leave again?
No. I feel strongly I have given my federal service and I am fully-committed to serving my home state. I would decline any future request to serve elsewhere in order to fulfill my commitment to serve my full term as governor of Utah.

Did he support the impeachment of President Trump?
No. Impeachment is a serious matter and one that should not be utilized for partisan purposes. President Donald Trump is my friend, he was my boss and I have endorsed his re-election. He will be the nominee of our party and he is going to win the next election. The U.S. economy is booming under his leadership and he has taken the important steps to keep us out of war. He has also shown the resolve to crackdown on China for its rampant theft of intellectual property that hurts American business. If elected, I look forward to working with the Trump administration to benefit all Utahns.

Why did he leave his position as U.S. Ambassador to Russia?
A commitment to serve as a U.S Ambassador is a two-year commitment. When President Trump asked me to serve in that role, I made and fulfilled my commitment. Now, my family and I are back and eager to serve our home state again.

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