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Huntsman-Kaufusi campaign secures spot on Republican primary ballot

SALT LAKE CITY (April 13, 2020)  — Governor Jon Huntsman and his running mate, Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi, officially secured a spot on the June primary election ballot today, collecting over 60,000 signatures en route to clearing the 28,000 signature threshold for Republican statewide candidates. 

“The response by the people of Utah these past few weeks has been incredibly heartening and motivating, especially after COVID-19 made an arduous process even more challenging,” said campaign spokesperson, Abby Huntsman. “We play by the rules and finish by the rules, even as the events of recent weeks have made it evident that the process is in desperate need of reform. Our goal will always be to help as many people as possible be a part of the election process. We look forward to continuing that effort into the primary and beyond.”

Despite losing more than two weeks of door-to-door collection time before state officials mare alterations to the signature collection process, thousands of registered Republicans worked to make their voice heard by emailing, texting and mailing in signatures. The campaign received more than 60,000 signatures from Utahns determined to see Governor Jon Huntsman on the June primary ballot, far exceeding the number that needed to be turned into the Elections Office.

“That strong support shows Republican voters across the state want Jon Huntsman to be the governor,” said Abby Huntsman, noting the campaign likely collected more signatures supporting Governor Huntsman than any other campaign in state history. “We look forward to solidifying their support and engaging undecided voters by presenting a plan for Utah’s recovery from the state government’s shutdown of much of the state economy.”