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Climbing out of the Health and Economic Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 has changed a lot about what the immediate future looks like for our state. Whoever is in the Governor’s Office in 2021 will — at best — inherit a recovering economy. Getting our economy back up and running is no small task; this is no time for on-the-job training in the Governor’s Office. A strong economy resolves a lot of issues but the impact of COVID-19 will reach beyond just the economy.

Leverage Existing Capital and Bring Fresh Resources to Our Market

Responsible bonding for shovel-ready infrastructure projects

Fully utilize available federal and state grant programs already available to Utah businesses

Fortify Existing Utah Companies to Avoid Insolvency

Encourage local financial institutions to provide bridge and zero-interest loans

Tax deferment programs

Payroll tax incentives

Create Open-for-Business Environment

Minimize unnecessary government delay of industry expertise

Empower industry groups to develop and refine plans to operate successfully

Expedite review and approval processes

Accelerate Training for Utah Workers

Targeted workforce development programs

Utilize existing higher education infrastructure

Suspend Burdensome Regulations

Get government out of the way

Streamline existing supply chains

Prevent unnecessary waste of existing agricultural resources