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Mental Health
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Mental Health


Utah has had a collective failure when it comes to mental health and it is a crisis that must not be ignored. We have become the buckle of the suicide belt in America, where the number one leading cause of death among 10-25 year olds in the state is suicide. As a community, we don’t know how to talk about mental health issues, despite the fact these issues – including suicide – are more openly discussed today than in the past. We have a long way to go.

Today, too many of our people are hurting, and doing so in silence. We need bold leadership that won’t shrink and pretend there isn’t a problem. I will use the convening power of the Governor to engage all of the major stakeholders and bring this issue into the garish light of day. We will focus on bringing the best practices to the forefront and reason together to address this crisis in our families and communities. As a State, it is time to make sure those who suffer know they are not in this alone and that we are eager to help them get the care they need.