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Simplified Signature Gathering to Get
Huntsman / Kaufusi 2020 on the Ballot


Recent changes to the signature gathering process to accommodate social distancing practices make it easier to sign a petition to put Governor Jon Huntsman on the June primary ballot. You no longer need to have your signature witnessed by someone or physically delivered to us. Once you’ve printed and handwritten your information and signature simply submit it back to us.

Five Simple Steps:
  1. Print the signature page at home.
    Signature Gathering Page (PDF)
  2. Fill out the signature form. Please legibly fill out the entire row on which you sign your name including your full name, signature, age, street address, city, zip code and date. Every registered Republican in your household may sign on the same sheet.
  3. Take a photo of or scan the signed signature page.
  4. Email the photo or scan back to us as soon as possible at The sooner we turn in the remaining signatures we need, the sooner we will qualify for the ballot.  You can also submit your photo or scan via fax at 801-206-3125 or via text message at 801-688-2020.

    If you need any help, please call is at 801-688-2020 and we will be happy to assist.
    Email A Photo of Your Signed Signature Page

  5. You must be registered as a Republican for your signature to count and to receive a ballot to vote in June.
    Confirm Your Registration
    Register to Vote

If you do not have a printer and want a signature page to be physically mailed to you, please click here.

Your support for the Huntsman/Kaufusi for Governor campaign is greatly appreciated, but your commitment to exercising your right to use your voice is even more important. Thank you!