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Make your voice heard in the Utah Republican Party Convention Process!

On Saturday, April 25 the Utah Republican Party will host its online convention where state delegates from across the state will meet virtually to help determine Utah’s Republican nominees for office. Governor Huntsman appreciates the critical role delegates serve in Utah’s primary election process and we are working hard to reach each and every delegate leading up to the online convention.

You can help Governor Huntsman today by making your voice heard and contacting your neighborhood’s state delegate! Since most state delegates elected in 2018 were appointed to serve through the 2020 convention process as a result of this year’s neighborhood caucus meetings being postponed, many of our supporters did not have the opportunity to run to become a state delegate. Please email Julian Babbitt at to obtain the contact information for your state delegate and encourage him or her to support Governor Huntsman at the convention.

For more information about the Governor’s positions on the major issues impacting our state today and over the next four years, please visit the following pages on our website:

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